April 01, 2020

Got Questions?


Here are a number of frequently-asked questions:


Do I have to be a great singer?

You need to be able to carry a tune.  If you can sing in tune then you are well on the way to becoming a Sweet Adeline


How do I learn the songs?

In order to learn our music, we provide the sheet music and audio learning tracks for each part.   Once you become a member you will be able to print out/download these from the SOS website.  You are also encouraged to purchase a small voice recorder --preferably digital with a USB connection--- or get a voice recorder app for your Smartphone so that you can record yourself at rehearsals and keep current with Chorus repertoire.


How much personal time will it take?

In addition to weekly rehearsals throughout the year, there is an annual show in the fall. We also participate in a Sweet Adelines regional competition in March or April each year, and may have an annual weekend retreat to focus on preparing for competition. Other coaching sessions may be scheduled also, usually on a Saturday, but these are kept to a minimum. We generally perform several times per year for local festivals, business and charitable events,  Christmas season can get busy but the fun makes the time spent worthwhile!


I have some mobility issues. Are rehearsals seated or standing?

A typical 2 hour rehearsal is conducted with singers standing on the risers. However short breaks are included, and it is also possible to pull a chair out to the side to rest occasionally before returning to your riser position. Choral singing definitely requires stamina in order to develop breath support and perform with energy, and most people are able to stand for most of the rehearsal time. For performances (30-45 minutes) all singers are expected to stand.


What is the audition procedure?

The audition consists of learning the current audition song (or other selected by Director), and you will be provided with the sheet music and learning tracks for this. During this time you will have the opportunity to work with a quartet so that you can gain experience singing this way since it is how you will audition.  You must be able to confidently sing your own part within the context of all four, and while we want you to be accurate in notes and words, you do not have to be perfect. Once you are ready to audition this will be done privately before the director and the music team. The music must be memorized!


What is the cost?

After passing your audition and approval by the membership, you will be assessed:


Sweet Adelines International dues -- $100. 00.  This is a one time expense- similar to an initial sign on fee. It covers the administrative expenses common to all large organizations: salaries, website maintenance, support to regions, cost of organizing and hosting international competitions, etc.

Regional dues -- $100.00. This is a one time expense. After that, regional dues will be covered as part of monthly dues. This one time expense is similar to SAI start up fee and covers costs associated with organizing and hosting regional competition, expenses incurred with hosting music schools and other educational opportunities for SAI members, providing coaches for individual choruses, etc.


When you join Song O' Sky chorus, you are joining the world-wide organization of Sweet Adelines International and the Region of which we are a part--Region 14.  You will be asked to pay the first year's membership dues of $100. to International and $100 to the Region in a combined check for $200.00 payable to Song O' Sky Chorus.


Monthly Song O' Sky dues are $35.00 (for active members). This includes your regional dues, director's fee, rehearsal hall rental, website hosting, and other expenses involved with running an organization.


Other incidental costs throughout the year may include additional costume pieces, accessories, make up, or travel-related expenses. 


Our Financial Coordinator will be happy to address any questions or concerns you might have about membership costs so, please do not hesitate to talk with her or a member of the membership team.


Why is the cost so high? 


 Sweet Adelines International is by defininition an international organization which requires a salaried administrative staff along with other expenses. If you visit the SAI website or read an issue of PitchPipe magazine, you wil have a clearer idea of its scope and the expertise of the staff. Some of the other expenses are hosting international and regional competitions. As we all know, cost of living expenses continue to rise and prices must adjust accordingly. For example, the cost of renting a competition venue 5 years ago is not the same as it is today, and someone has to pay-namely members,albeit indirectly.


However, for most members the most valuable part of SAI affiliation is enjoying the benefits of the coaching opportunites offered throughout the year. As part of this organization SAI is fortunate to have many master coaches qualified in all areas of vocal production and performance who are available to every chorus in the organization for a nominal fee and in some cases, free of charge. Workshops or master classes are held throughout the year in different regions andcost to members is only room and meals. SAI pays for the instruction.  Yes, ours is admittedly an "expensive hobby," but when we consider the benefits--developing self-confidence, leadership skills, improved vocal production techniques, friendships,travel opportunities and the joy of being able to sing a kind of harmony that is not only unique but also extremely challenging -- we feel that these make our membership costs very worthwhile.










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Pam Knighten

2019-2020 SOS  Sweet Adeline of the Year

Resized 20191010_112926_8060


    Pam joined Song O' Sky Chorus in 2013 as a lead, but later changed to tenor. She feels that this was a perfect fit!

She is currently serving as Membership and also Management Team member. She leads physical warm-ups as well as a myriad of other roles. She brings her gracious charm as well as her sense of hilarity. 

We are truly fortunate to have her and we offer our thanks and congratulations to Pam as Song O' Sky's 2019-2020 Sweet Adeline of the year!


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